Babies from 6 months to walking

With parent involvement, each 40 minutes Gymbabes helps to stimulate and encourage babies to use all their senses, gently and without pressure. Playing, exploring, crawling and learning together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

What the experts say " Gymbabes allows babies to learn through experience how to trust their own bodies and helps them to gain confidence in the things they can do. As parents, we begin to understand what our children are capable of and how to help them without compromising their independence." Chartered Educational Psychologist Denise Thornton.

Benefits for you and your baby at a Gymbabe session

  • Enhances brain development through play
  • Offers a safe, secure and caring environment for you and your baby to explore and have fun.
  • Encourages parents to gently massage their babies, thus forming a stronger bond with their baby.
  • Learn how to use specific exercises to enhance the child's muscle development.
  • Gives the opportunity for the babies to learn how sit, crawl, stand and walk confidently unaided.
  • Provides equipment that the baby can explore and climb over and allow your baby to experience different heights and gradients to crawl over.
  • Experience activities they haven't had the opportunity to try yet.
  • Gives your baby the opportunity to play with other babies of the same age range to help with development of their social skills.
  • Allows parent and baby the opportunity to spend quality time playing together without the distractions of everyday life encountered at home.
  • Parents have the chance to meet other parents/carers with children of a similiar age.
  • Gives the baby and parent a calm, gentle approach to physical activity ready to start in the Tumble Tots Programme.

Programme Overview


Babies from 6 months to walking.

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Tumble Tots

3 Programmes in 1

  • Walking to two years old.
  • Two to three years of age.
  • Three years to school age.

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School age to 7 years.

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